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Going Private - considering the benefits of private treatment at Duchy Hospital.
Friday 1 April 2016

When Duchy Hospital opened in 1981 it was entirely private. All patients paid for their treatment, either with medical insurance or their own funds. But more recently, it has begun to take NHS patients too.

Why, then, is it worth paying for your treatment to go to the same hospital?

Priority appointments
In essence, paying for your treatment means that you are treated at your convenience rather than to fi t in with the NHS. Private patients can choose when they have their treatment, which can make a real difference. For some this simply means being seen as quickly as possible – in some cases being seen by a consultant on the same day as being contacted. One patient, Mr Peter Fittock, explains the peace of mind that this gave him: “It was an urgent consultation at my instigation and I was dealt with in an understanding and very prompt manner which gave me much comfort at a difficult time.”

Treatment at a time to suit YOU rather than the NHS
For others it’s simply about being able to choose a time which fits into their lifestyle. Perhaps you want to be treated in good time to be able to recover from your operation for a special event like a wedding or a holiday. Others find that due to work commitments, the uncertainty of when they will get their appointment or operation causes problems, especially for those who run their own business.

Choose who you want to treat you
Private patients can also choose the consultant they wish to see. NHS patients are not always given a choice of consultant, or they may be treated by a member of a consultant’s team rather than the named consultant.

One point of contact
Private patients also benefit t from the assistance of Duchy Hospital’s Private Patient Account Manager, Miranda Field. “We understand that coming into hospital can be a stressful and worrying time”, explains Miranda. “Our aim is to make it as easy and straightforward as we can. We’ll support you with every stage of care, from referral to discharge. This includes helping you deal with your medical insurance, arranging transport, to making sure a copy of your favourite newspaper is delivered to your room during your stay.”

More affordable than you might think
Private healthcare enables choice, convenience and an experience designed around you and your needs. And it’s more affordable that you may think. Duchy Hospital offers fixed cost care for many treatments giving a total price for treatment without any unexpected extras. Interest free finance is also available to spread the cost.

Any questions?
If you have any queries about private treatment at Duchy Hospital please give Miranda a call on 01872 226161.

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