Hip Surgery

The hip joint is one of the largest joints in your body. It’s a major weight-bearing joint offering support to your upper body when you’re walking, standing or running and it also helps to make your legs mobile and with some movements such as bending and stretching. The main components or your hip are a hip bone and a socket, muscles, ligaments and cartilage.

Hip surgery is most often performed for a fracture or arthritis, to relieve the pain that these conditions can cause. The type of surgery performed is dependent on the hip problem being treated and the anticipated outcome. Options for hip surgery include: hip arthroscopy, hip resurfacing, total hip replacement and hip revision.

Hip pain is common and our specialist hip surgeons offer exceptional care to all patients at Duchy Hospital. With access to first-rate diagnostic equipment, a highly experienced multidisciplinary team of professionals and excellent follow up care including a comprehensive physiotherapy service, you can rest assured that your hip condition will be diagnosed and treated quickly and efficiently.

The range of hip surgeries we offer

Hip replacement surgery

If you’ve hip pain that’s persistent and interfering with your day to day pursuits your hip surgeon may recommend hip replacement surgery. This pain is normally due to a damaged or worn hip joint caused by osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis or an injury such as a hip fracture,

In a total hip replacement, the head of your thighbone (femoral head) and your damaged socket (acetabulum) are both removed. A replacement prosthetic hip joint made of metal, ceramic or plastic will then be put in their place. This will relieve your pain and improve your hip joint function so you can walk and move easier.

Hip resurfacing is a type of hip replacement surgery and is an alternative to a total hip replacement. In hip resurfacing the femoral head isn’t removed, but is trimmed and capped with a prosthetic covering. The damaged bone and cartilage in your socket is removed and replaced with artificial materials as in a traditional total hip replacement.

Hip arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is used to look inside your hip to diagnose and if required treat your hip condition at the same time. It’s performed using minimally invasive surgery, by way of small incisions used to insert a tiny camera and light source.

If your hip surgeon sees loose bodies such as bony spurs or synovium (joint lining) in your joint they will remove them using the arthroscope and small medical instruments. They will repair any torn cartilage too whilst the arthroscope is in your hip joint.

Hip revision

A hip revision may be required if your hip replacement has worn out or if you’ve had an injury. Hip replacement surgery normally lasts between ten to twenty years depending upon the type and extent of use your hip undergoes. Hip revision surgery is performed if your pain returns after hip replacement surgery. Your hip surgeon will repair or replace part or all of your artificial hip to relieve your pain and improve mobility around your hip.

Hip block injection

If you’re experiencing hip pain your orthopaedic surgeon may recommend a hip block injection in the first instance instead of surgery or if your hip joint isn’t worn or damaged enough for hip replacement surgery. Normally hip block injections will only be recommended a few times and if your pain continues surgery will be the next course of treatment.

Hip block injections are inserted directly into your hip joint using X-ray guidance and contain local anaesthetic and a steroid to ease your pain and reduce inflammation.

Hip block injections can also be used diagnostically to help your hip surgeon find exactly where the pain source is before surgery.

The following consultants specialise in hip surgery at Duchy Hospital

Mr Bartlett

Mr Fern

Mr Hawkins

Mr Kincaid

Mr Matthews

Mr Norton

Mr Sexton

Mr Williams

Mr Manish Divekar 

Mr Ioannis Pengas 

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