Laser Eye surgery in Cornwall
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Laser eye surgery

Freedom from glasses and contact lenses

Welcome to Laser Eye Surgery at Duchy Hospital in Truro. We offer laser eye correction surgery for patients wishing to have the freedom of not wearing glasses or contact lenses.

You don’t need to travel far to have your consultation and tests, as Duchy Hospital has invested in advanced technology to provide this service locally.

Our surgeon, Mr S Kumar, Consultant Ophthalmologist works in the NHS and private sector. Apart from laser surgery he also specialises in other eye problems like keyhole cataract operations, corneal transplants, etc. He provides a sympathetic and caring service for all his patients and will provide a dedicated treatment plan specifically for you.

At Duchy Hospital we offer a free consultation to enable you to find out whether you are suitable for treatment.  To book a consultation please call Mr Kumar's secretary, Sarah Heil on 01872 226128.

What does Lasik stand for?

LASIK is an abbreviated term for ‘Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis’.

It uses a combination of advanced microsurgery and Excimer Laser to re-shape the cornea.

Laser re-shaping of the cornea alters the focusing power of the eye, allowing it to become less dependent on glasses and contact lenses.