Dermatology in Cornwall | Duchy Hospital
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Dermatology is a broad speciality that involves the diagnosis and treatment of skin and hair conditions. It includes inflammatory skin diseases (acne, dermatitis/eczema and psoriasis), skin lesions (moles, skin tags, warts and cysts), axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), hair and nail disorders, skin cancers and, cosmetic procedures to improve the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

Here at Duchy Hospital we understand that skin conditions can greatly impact on a person’s self-esteem and wellbeing. We have a team of consultant dermatologists who offer convenient appointments for the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of common skin conditions as well as cancerous lesions in adults and children.

Non-surgical treatments we offer include: photo dynamic therapy, cryotherapy for skin lesions, steroid creams for inflammatory skin diseases, isotretinoin for acne treatment and, cosmetic dermatology procedures such as treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, tissue fillers and treatment of pigmented patches.

We perform skin surgery for the excision of skin lesions and skin cancer. At Duchy Hospital we have a number of Consultant Dermatologists including:

Dr Chave

Dr Hann

Dr Lucke