Cosmetic Face Surgery

Facial surgery is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery performed for both men and women in the UK. It’s chosen for a variety of reasons including both aesthetics and functionality. It might be that you’re affected by premature lines, wrinkles and slack skin due to excessive sun exposure, smoking or major weight loss or that you’re naturally ageing. Some people are born with facial features that give rise to a lack of self-confidence such as nose and ear irregularities and they can also be the source of ridicule. You may also injure and misshape your face.

Whatever your reason for cosmetic facial surgery Duchy Hospital will ensure you receive the best care and have comprehensive information about your cosmetic surgery to allow you to make a fully informed decision.

Our experienced cosmetic surgeons offer a range of face surgeries to create a fresher, more youthful appearance or a regular shaped facial feature.

Duchy Hospital provides a broad range of both surgical and non-surgical facial treatments. Facial cosmetic surgeries include: facelift, blephoplasty, brow lift, rhinoplasty and otoplasty. Non-surgical facial cosmetic options include: acne treatment, dermal fillers, facial peels, laser hair removal, line relaxing, pigmented lesion treatment and medical based skin care.


A facelift, also called a rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure to rejuvenate your faceand achieve a much more youthful and smoother looking face. It involves tightening and lifting sagging facial skin to eliminate ageing lines and wrinkles.

Your cosmetic surgeon will make small cuts on both sides of your face in the hairline around your ears. They will then remove any excess facial skin from your chin and cheek areas and tighten the underlying muscles and re-position the facial tissue before closing your incisions. The remaining skin will then be sutured into place. Your scars will be hidden around your ears or in your hairline

This procedure normally takes around three to four hours and is performed under general anaesthetic.

Often a facelift is combined with other procedures such as a neck lift (to remove loose skin along your jaw line and your neck) or blepharoplasty to produce a consistent younger looking face.


Blephroplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess fat or skin from around your eyes so that you look younger and more alert.

As you age gravity may cause droopy upper lids or bags under your eyes. An upper blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) treats hooded or drooping eyelids and may improve your vision too once sagging eyelids are removed. A lower blepharoplasty (eye bag surgery) reduces puffiness around the eyes.

A blepharoplasty is normally performed under general anaesthetic as a day case procedure and takes around one or two hours.

Eyebrow lift/hitch

An eyebrow hitch creates an arch in your eyebrow to produce a more youthful and feminine look.

Women who have heaviness of the upper eyelid skin and a loss of the natural arching of the eyebrow may choose this procedure.

An eyebrow hitch involves making a small incision within the hair of the upper part of your eyebrow. A stitch is then passed from the under-surface of the skin to your forehead and tightened so that it raises the outer part of your eyebrow. It’s a relatively straightforward procedure, performed under local anaesthetic and take around half an hour.


Rhinoplasty is a type of nose surgery to change your nose size and shape. It’s sometime called nose reshaping or a nose job.

As the nose is the central feature on your face it can influence your whole facial look. It’s a part of your face that your sight is drawn to and many people aren’t content with the way their nose looks. For example, they may think it’s an irregular shape or that it’s disproportionately too big for their face.

Your nose can be made smaller by modifying or removing bone and cartilage and then reshaping the nose. This is known as a reduction rhinoplasty. Your nose can also be made larger by reshaping the bone and cartilage or using a graft of extra bone or cartilage.  This is called an augmentation rhinoplasty. A surgeon can make changes from the tip to the bridge of your nose and the angle between your nose and top lip.

A rhinoplasty is performed under general anaesthetic and can take up to three hours.


Otoplasty is ear surgery to reshape your ears. It enhances large, irregular shaped or protruding ears.

Ear pinning resets protruding ears so that they sit closer to your head. Otoplasty can also reduce the size of the ears if they are too large compared to the rest of your face or it can reshape them if they have changed shape such as cauliflower ears in rugby players.

It’s a day case procedure performed under general anaesthetic and normally takes between one and two hours. An otoplasty involves making a small incision behind your ear so that the cartilage can be removed or reshaped to form more naturally looking ears.

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