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Day 6 of 12 Days of Christmas Kindness: Generosity 

Generosity describes the quality of kindness and giving. To be generous we don’t need to be billionaires, rather adopt a mind-set of abundance that can overflow onto others. When we exude generosity, there are many benefits we can receive in return. When we give, the reward centre in the brain lights up, and as a result we feel happy. At the same time, this reduces stimulation to the part of the brain that feels worry and anxiety, thus enhancing our sense of wellbeing. When we feel calm and happy, our bodies are able to function more efficiently, therefore promoting health and longevity.

Experiencing generosity tends to have a ripple effect on the people it touches, as the generosity is passed on to other people we meet that day, and the people they meet, and so on.

12 Days of Christmas Kindness

Tips to be generous this Christmas

Share or give something that has meaning for you

Giving doesn’t have to be in a material form, it can be a simple act of kindness, or an attitude of selflessness when it comes to helping others, for example:

  • Give your time
    Time and presence is often the greatest gift we can give to people, life gets in the way and people become so busy. Use this festive period to catch up with a loved one, this is much more powerful than a financial gift.
  • A helping hand
    No matter how small, even holding a door open can really help others out.
  • Homemade gifts
    Get creative with homemade cards! Spend some time drawing or painting with your kids, a small piece of artwork or card can brighten peoples day or homemade baked goodies for your neighbours would be so appreciated.
At this time of year, it’s easy to get carried away with buying gifts, or feeling pressure to buy more than you can afford. When perhaps it’s more important to reflect on what really makes Christmas so magical, like bringing families and friends together, the spirit of sharing food, having fun and making memories.

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