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Listen again to BBC Radio Cornwall Eye Surgery phone in

  • Fri 03 Nov 2017

Chance to listen again to the monthly Duchy Hospital health phone in with Laurence Reed, this time it's all about eyes!

5 signs you may need a knee replacement

  • Tue 03 Oct 2017

If knee pain is affecting your daily life, it could be time to ask your doctor about a knee replacement. Consider these five signs!

Children with asthma prescribed 'unnecessary' antibiotics

  • Fri 22 Sep 2017

Children with asthma are more likely to be prescribed antibiotics compared with other children, due to possible misdiagnosis, a study has found.

What your eyes reveal about your health

  • Wed 06 Sep 2017

Your eyes hold clues to your overall health, and can even help diagnose a multitude of health conditions.

Loneliness more of a threat to health than obesity

  • Thu 10 Aug 2017

Loneliness is a bigger threat to public health than obesity, according to new research from the US.

What is age related macular degeneration and can I prevent it

  • Tue 01 Aug 2017

Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is a common eye condition, yet many people don’t know much about it.

6 of the most common eye problems and how to keep your eyes healthy

  • Tue 04 Jul 2017

To keep your eyes healthy, it’s advisable to be aware of common eye problems so that you can detect them early on if you develop them.

Moles - When to have them checked out

  • Fri 02 Jun 2017

Summer is officially here. We are all well educated about ensuring we protect ourselves in the sun but do we know how often we should check our moles

Ride for Rob at Duchy Hospital

  • Thu 11 May 2017

On Thursday 20th April staff and consultants at Duchy Hospital took part in a sponsored bike ride on a static bike at Duchy Hospital.

Weight loss surgery for a healthier and more active lifestyle

  • Mon 08 May 2017

Summer days conjure up thoughts of having fun in the sun. Obesity can inhibit your ability to get out and about and impact on your energy levels.

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